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Enjoy authentic Kappo-style Japanese Omakase at affordable prices at SHUNSUI.

Indulge in seasonal omakase courses featuring the best seasonal produce curated by Chef Oyama, starting from the Kacho Course ($129++) which showcases the freshest seasonal produce from Japan, the Fuga Course ($179++) which offers a robust selection of Japan’s finest ingredients, and the indulgent Shunsui Course ($229++) which features Chef Oyama’s exquisite and premium creations. 


Omakase by Yakitori Master, Michio Murakami

A convivial and indulgent Yakitori experience, offering the best selections of Yakitori and the finest seasonal ingredients sourced from Japan. 

The menu includes appetisers, side dishes, as well as rice or noodle dishes.


Now $99+ for an convivial Izakaya Omakase experience of Japan’s seasonal best sourced from Toyosu Market in Japan, served alongside free-flow alcohol such as beer, shochu, wine and sake. Experience and reminisce the energy of a night out in the back alleys of Tokyo as you knock back a bottle or two. 


Enjoy Sushi Omakase tasting menu at $69++, or 20-course Sushi Omakase courses at $99++ or $129++ of indulgent selections of seasonal ingredients air-flown direct from Toyosu, Japan.
We have now launched a Chef's Special Omakase Course at 
$179++ for more premium ingredients.

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